Crimes With Deadly Weapons – What You Need To Know In Case Of A Lawsuit

DCD Law Team

Any object that has been designed, manufactured, or adapted for the purpose of inflicting harm on another person may be considered a deadly tool.

According to L.A. Times, the use of lethal weapons, as they are also known, has decreased in the US, especially in California, which beyond having responsible institutions committed to citizens, it is the latter who have become aware of their civic behavior to demand justice.

However, the same questions and other new ones are still present in its inhabitants: Should the sale of weapons to people with disabilities be regulated? Who or what should regulate the sale of weapons to a person? Will crime continue to decline in California, statistically speaking?

Types of deadly weapons

An object that causes temporary or permanent damage to the body of another human being, or that is intended to cause prolonged suffering to another person to the point of death, is considered such an instrument.

Among the most common, we can find,

-Fire or electromagnetic weapons

-Knives, machetes


-Ice pick

-pets (behavior problems)

-Broken bottles

Deadly Weapons Crimes: Examples

These can be some ways of using deadly weapons and the situations where they can be considered a crime:

-A fight after a car accident. One of the drivers pulls out a firearm and shoots to cause fear or with the intent to injure another.

-During an argument with a family member or loved one. He/she, or you, uses a knife, screwdriver, ice pick, or other sharp weapon to intimidate or cause harm.

-Ordering a pet to harm another person for pleasure.


They will depend on the circumstances of the accusation, where the type of weapon used or if the victim suffered an injury, for example, will be part of the evidence necessary to go to trial and receive a just punishment if the defendant so merits.

Possible defenses

If you are being accused of a crime of this type, and you are somewhat confused because you know that you are innocent, ask yourself the following to build your legal defense with your lawyer:

– If you used the weapon with the possibility of injuring others in mind.

-If you acted in self-defense or on behalf of another person.

-Whether your actions were deliberate or with a required intent.

-If it was part of what caused the event due to a violent reaction or the use of physical force.

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