Most of the time police will make errors when they try to gather evidence when someone is charged with DUI. Finding the right DUI Attorney will assist you in locating those errors, to give you the best chance of getting your charges reduced or dismissed. If your DUI charge involves prescription drugs, narcotics, or alcohol, you could face prosecution for driving under the influence. As such, it could result in probation, hefty fines, jail time, or loss of driving privileges.

Being charged with DUI leaves a possibly permanent mark on your career as a criminal. Your future landlords and employers can see that, and you will land yourself in all sorts of trouble. Don’t allow a mistake to ruin your life and make it complicated. You have only one chance to choose the right Santa Clarita DUI attorney that can help you guard your freedom without compromising your driver’s license.

Knowing that the lawyer who is handling your case has the right knowledge and experience, gives you complete peace of mind. Never take chances with your future by hiring a cheap attorney that will take your case lightly. Get the best DUI attorney by choosing a reputable firm. They will remain honest with you and will fight for you to get the best possible outcome. Also, the best Santa Clarita DUI attorney will help to keep the cost down.

What happens following an arrest for a DUI case?

Most likely, you may have to spend a night at a local jail following an arrest for a DUI case. However, it varies depending on who arrested you. Whether it is the California Highway Patrol, the local police, or the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office. Although they will release you after proper documentation, this is only the beginning of a complex process. It is wise to take the help of an experienced DUI attorney so that each phase of the proceeding becomes easy. Take a look at the following detailed procedures that are likely to arise in your case:

1. 10 days to request a hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles

Your license will be confiscated following an arrest and you will receive some sort of temporary license in the form of a small piece of pink paper. However, it is valid for thirty days. After that, your license will be suspended which is known as administrative suspension.

Furthermore, you can challenge the decision of license suspension from the Department of Motor Vehicles, but you must do that within ten days of the hearing. Your license gets forfeited on the eleventh day. It is important to act fast or you may lose your driving rights. Having the best DUI attorney by your side can make a difference.

2. Arraignment

Arraignment is your first court appearance that typically happens a few weeks or months after the arrest. At the Arraignment, you must enter your plea of not guilty, guilty, or no contest to the court. The initial Discovery—comprised of police reports, witness interviews, and other evidence—will be provided to you or your Attorney at the Arraignment. The Arraignment is also the time in the case where a Judge will release you on your Own Recognizance (O.R.) release, set bail, or in rare cases, set no bail. The Judge will oftentimes set conditions of release on O.R. and bail, such as attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) classes, utilizing a SCRAM ankle bracelet to detect alcohol consumption, or requiring an ignition interlock device (IID) breathalyzer to be installed your car.

Because court proceedings involve a lot of complicated processes, handling the situation on your own might not be the right option. The local public defenders have the best of intentions, but are oftentimes facing endless lists of cases, making it difficult to get time in with them.

This is when you need advice from an expert DUI attorney before heading to the court. They will work on strategies that will make the prosecution weak. As such, you get the upper hand on the case. Either it increases the chances of a better offer or has the allegations dropped.

3. Pretrial Hearings

After the Arraignment come the Pretrial Hearings—a period which typically spans several court appearances. During the Pretrial Hearing process, your attorney will focus on the case and make every effort to build a strong case in your defense. They will do extensive research and review the evidence so that nothing gets left out in the case. Interacting with the witnesses is equally important during this time. The best Santa Clarita DUI attorney will take care of this and other things to help win the case in your favor.

4. The Trial

This is final phase of your case, when a Judge or Jury (typically a Jury) will act as the final fact finder, and be tasked with reaching a verdict about your DUI case. If things go well, your attorney may help you earn a verdict of Not Guilty, where the case is dismissed. If the Jury decides that you are guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, then they may return with a verdict of Guilty. Finding a skilled attorney will find out more ways to win the case on your behalf.

How to find the best Santa Clarita DUI attorney

With no shortage of attorneys serving Santa Clarita, it may initially be difficult to find the right one for your case. Although many attorneys advertise DUI service, very few of them possess the right expertise to handle DUI cases effectively. You must find an attorney who is familiar with the Santa Clarita Courthouse, knows the process, cares about you, and understands what it takes for a great defense. Check out some of the important characteristics of a qualified DUI attorney that distinguishes them from the ordinary.

  • They will listen to you and understand the trauma you are in when facing a DUI case
  • Most of the time, they will offer consultation free of cost to evaluate your needs
  • They are well-versed in DUI law and undertake cases related to it
  • They can provide a diversified portfolio of satisfied clients that were benefited from their services

What does a DUI attorney do?

If you don’t get the right help, there won’t be a favorable outcome in your DUI case while costing you more money. To achieve the best outcome, you need an experienced DUI Attorney who knows how to handle the complicated process and exploit the weaknesses of the prosecution, and who will find ways to make you win.

Your DUI lawyer will challenge the evidence if they are not up to the mark. Also, they will prove if the arrest was legitimate and whether you were subjected to an illegal search or seizure. They will carry out the investigative work that could decide your fate. Your DUI attorney will make it hard for the prosecutor to win the case and may even force them to negotiate a fair and favorable plea deal for you, if that is what you are seeking. The tactics adopted by an experienced DUI attorney make a drastic change to the case.

DUI consultation from an experienced and successful DUI attorney

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