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Bench warrants, arrest warrants, and search warrants are common warrants issued in potential criminal matters in California. A bench warrant refers to a warrant issued by a judge. Traditionally, judges are said to be seated on “the bench,” which is probably where the name “bench warrant” originated. An arrest warrant is similar in that it can also be issued by a judge when law enforcement suspects that you have been involved in criminal activity. Search warrants, on the other hand, allow law enforcement to search you, your home, your car, your business, or any other area under your control for evidence related to a crime. 

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If you are subject to a felony or misdemeanor bench warrants or arrest warrants, you can turn to DCD Law. Our San Fernando warrants attorney has extensive experience handling these types of warrants on behalf of clients. We know that it can be a frightening experience when facing a warrant. However, our attorney has been successful in getting warrants recalled and quashed (meaning destroyed) over his many years in practice. Our firm is dedicated to representing you in such criminal matters with competence and advocacy in seeking optimum results.

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More About Warrants In California

Both bench warrants and arrest warrants give law enforcement the power to arrest you. An arrest warrant means that you can be detained when you are under suspicion of being involved in criminal activity. These warrants are issued by judges after they are shown evidence by law enforcement or the District Attorney or when a grand jury has indicted you. 

Bench warrants are typically issued against individuals who have failed to pay court fines, violated other court orders, or failed to appear in court when required. Bench warrants typically do not expire. They remain in force until you appear in court or the warrant is recalled by the judge. 

Search warrants only allow a search and must be based on facts justifying such a search. The warrant must be reasonably specific in what areas are to be searched and usually must be done within a certain timeframe. You cannot be arrested on a search warrant. 

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If you are facing a bench or arrest warrant, our criminal defense lawyer can advise you about why the warrant was issued and what the bail amount involved may be or get the warrant cleared, recalled, or quashed.

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