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Attorney/client trust is vital to a successful defense. To defend our clients effectively, we take the time to hear and understand them. The first step in our process is to establish open communication so that trust may follow. Our team is always accessible, and we pledge to be open and honest every step of the way.


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We care about the life our clients face after a criminal charge. We understand that a brush with the legal system can be both disruptive and life-altering, and we are committed to helping you to get your life back on track.


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The law states that every individual is innocent until proven guilty, and we will make sure that the burden of proof is high. As we build your case, we will gather evidence, conduct interviews, and more. By challenging our prosecution system, we ensure that the law functions appropriately, and we take great pride in what we do.


Having been arrested, facing jail time and the possibility of the loss of your freedom, it is extremely important that you seek the help of a qualified Criminal Defense Lawyer. 

As you face this experience, allow me to further introduce my law office, and to offer you the legal assistance and support of a Criminal Defense Lawyer who understands the law and who will make your uncertain future his priority. 

My name is Kevin Moghtanei, and I am the Attorney at DCD Law, Inc. I am committed to serving you and your loved ones throughout this case. 

Whether you have been charged with a Misdemeanor or Felony, it is extremely important to have your own Criminal Defense Lawyer as early as possible after your arrest. And it is equally important when you are being investigated for a crime, without being arrested. 

Through early intervention, I have been successfully able to obtain many dismissals or greatly reduced charges throughout my cases. 

I realize that you are probably both scared and confused about not only the charges against you, but also the legal system as a whole. My law office is very familiar and comfortable with the criminal justice system, as I have been practicing in the criminal courts for over 10 years. 

I have an excellent reputation and working relationship with the courts and prosecutors, and I strive to offer you the very best legal representation possible. I help many of my clients get their charges REDUCED or DISMISSED ENTIRELY

I handle all of my cases personally, and I am always easily accessible to my clients. No one else will be appearing in your court case except me.

After meeting with me, you will see that my commitment to your specific case is unmatched. I will be at your side the whole way. Fighting for YOU. 

Kevin Moghtanei, Attorney at Law 

Kevin Moghtanei Attorney at DCD Law
DCD Law Team

San Fernando Criminal Defense Lawyer

DCD Law has exclusively practiced criminal defense since its founding. We are hyper-focused and specifically committed to resolving all court-related criminal matters. Our attorney is in court five days out of the week working to secure victories for our clients, both big and small. We have seen firsthand how frightening and disruptive a criminal charge can be, and we are dedicated to preserving your rights and keeping community members out of jail.

Founding partner Kevin Moghtanei is a first-generation attorney who lives in the San Fernando community and fully appreciates the burden of criminal charges. When you are facing the American legal system, you need someone who is both empathetic and aggressive on your side. At DCD Law, you can have confidence that we will do everything possible under the law to help you achieve optimum results. 

Contact us online or at (818) 740-5582. Hablamos español.

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Our Practice Areas


Violent Crimes

Legal representation for the most serious and violent crimes, such as murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, arson, gun charges, and gang enhancements.

DUI Crimes

DUI is a serious crime that carries major penalties in California. People from all walks of life, backgrounds, and economic circumstances get pulled over for this crime every day in the state.
sex crime

Sex Crimes

Few crimes are more intimate, difficult, or stigmatizing than sex crimes. Many times, the allegations are untrue and inconsistent with the alleged offender’s background, character, or lifestyle.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence crimes are punished severely to protect the public and their children from harm by intimate partners, family members, and household members.

Theft Crimes

Legal representation for crimes such as robbery, burglary, shoplifting, embezzlement, fraud, elder abuse, and forgery are among the most common in Los Angeles County.
Domestic Violence


Bench warrants, arrest warrants, and search warrants are common warrants issued in potential criminal matters in California.
Usa Police

Vehicle Offenses

California has many laws related to driving and owning vehicles in the state. You can face an arrest, charge, and conviction of a misdemeanor or felony for many different vehicle offenses.


Legal representation for expungements, reduction of charges, sealing and destroying arrest records, factual innocence petitions, Certificates of Rehabilitation, restoring gun rights, and 290 Sex Offender Registration removal.
DCD Law Staff

Probation Matters

Legal representation for probation violations, modification of probation, and early termination of probation.

Hear from our client, Eric

The following are just a few of the many reasons why I believe you should also consider hiring Mr. Moghtanei as your defense Lawyer/Lifesaver:

  1. He talks to you as a friend and not a client. This totally helped lower the stress and anxiety we were dealing with.
  2. He is organized and consistent with his work. He would follow up with me and remind me to stay on top of everything I needed to do for court.
  3. He is well known and liked by the courts/prosecutors.
  4. It is he and he alone who represents you and pushes your file. He doesn’t hire anyone else stand in his place. He’ll be with you every step of the way.
  5. He is highly accessible. Anytime I needed counsel, I would call or send him a text and he was always there to answer all my questions and concerns.
  6. Brenda, his office manager, is awesome and extremely helpful as well.
  7. He is fairly priced and won’t charge you an arm and leg for the 5 star service he provides.
  8.  Last but not least… I was facing Felony charges that carried a 10 year prison sentence. He was able to get this charge completely dismissed!!!
Mon – Fri 08:30am – 5:00pm 
After Hours: Monday – Friday 24/7


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Attorney-client trust is vital to a successful defense.

To defend our clients effectively, we take the time to hear and understand them. The first step in our process is to establish open communication so that trust may follow. Our team is always accessible, and we pledge to be open and honest every step of the way.

We are understanding and empathetic. 

A criminal charge comes with a slew of mixed emotions. Whether you made an error in judgment or were charged unjustly, we will empathize with what you are dealing with and aim to provide support.

We are a multicultural office that lives and works in the community. 

We understand the unique challenges that San Fernando residents face because we are right alongside you. We are true community champions that work for and among our community.

We have proudly never been prosecutors. 

We have been committed to criminal defense since day one. We believe in helping to keep people out of jail and have never contributed to putting people into jail. We are and have always been here to defend you.


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  • “I could not have done it without Kevin!”

    Joshua B.
  • “I highly recommend DCD LAW – Kevin Moghtanei, Criminal Defense Attorney for all your legal Needs!”

    Casor M.

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    At DCD Law, we are experienced, passionate, and committed to the people of our community. We also provide services in Spanish in our multi-cultural office. Our attorney puts a decade of experience into your defense that includes resolving more than 1000 prior cases for clients. 

    Whether you have been arrested for a DUI, a violent crime, a sex crime, or some other offense, you are innocent until proven guilty. Our job is not to pass judgment but to give you the effective defense you deserve in a court of law. We are here to uphold your Constitutional rights, see that you are not treated unfairly by law enforcement or prosecutors, and give your case careful and thorough preparation to seek a case dismissal, reduction of charges, acquittal, or other favorable result. 

    Throughout the legal process, you will always have direct access to your leading attorney which is not something you will find at other firms. We believe in giving you the personal attention and communication you need at this critical time to support you throughout the criminal process and beyond.

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