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When it comes to drinking on a fun night, a bottle of beer or a glass of wine can easily lead to another and then another. If you’re not careful enough, it is quite possible that you may instantly turn your night of fun into a dire predicament that you will very soon regret. From fines that can total thousands of dollars to the possibility of life imprisonment, a DUI charge is a serious consequence of a lapse in judgment, but it can be resolved or abated by teaming up with an expert DUI attorney in Van Nuys.

California DUI laws are amongst the harshest and strictest in the nation, and are not something that should be taken lightly, and this applies even to first-time DUI offenders. Individuals who are repeat offender such as 2nd DUIs, 3rd DUIs, or more, are punished more severely for each subsequent offense. California also is extremely harsh when it comes to holders of commercial drivers licenses, as it can lead to a 1 year suspension of commercial driving privileges on a first offense, and a lifetime commercial license ban on a second offense. And these consequence apply to holders of commercial driver license, even if they arise while not working and in a personal vehicle.

If your DUI resulted in injury or death of another, then you can be subjected to many years in state prison or local county jail. If you find yourself charged with a DUI regardless of the gravity of your situation, contacting an experienced and highly qualified Van Nuys DUI attorney right away is a wise decision that can make all the difference in your case. Attorney Kevin Moghtanei, founding Attorney at DCD LAW, has over 10 years of experience on the job and has represented over a thousand clients with a 99% satisfaction rate. He prides himself to have a 100% commitment to ending all his clients’ dilemmas through a reduced charge or even case dismissal.

What is a DUI?

In general, driving under the influence (DUI) is an offense that involves driving a vehicle while impaired by alcohol, drugs, or both, to the point that the driver is no longer capable of safely operating the vehicle. There are three types of DUI cases in California, and they are as follows:

  • Infractions (typically most often applicable to under-21 drivers)
  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies

If you find yourself charged with any of these types of DUI cases, do not hesitate to contact a qualified and reliable DUI attorney right away who has the expertise to properly navigate your case.

Procedure for DUI Cases in Van Nuys

The reason why you need to contact a reputable DUI attorney instantly when it comes to DUI cases is that these cases move very quickly in Van Nuys. On top of the possible criminal charges that you might face, you’re also at risk of having your license suspended regardless of the outcome of your case. Detailed below is the DUI procedure in Van Nuys, for your guidance.

1. DUI Arrest

After being pulled over by an officer following a traffic violation or accident, you may be requested to undergo a breath test or field sobriety test, especially if the officer suspects that you may be driving under the influence. If you “fail” the test, the officer will then perform an arrest which is the first step in the DUI process. Depending on the circumstance, the officer may take you to a police station, hospital, or jail where they will measure your Blood Alcohol Content or BAC.

2. License Suspension

Following the arrest is the suspension of your license for 30 days which can be prevented if you schedule a DMV hearing within ten days from the day of your arrest. However, it is important to note that your license will be automatically suspended if you do not request a DMV Hearing within those crucial first 10 days.

3. Hearing in Court

Not all DUI charges can lead to actual trial as there are a series of proceedings that need to occur. First is the Arraignment where you are formally charged with DUI and Discovery (an umbrella term describing evidence the prosecutor seeks to introduce against you) is provided to your Attorney.

The Arraignment is a opportunity to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest. The Judge will also decide whether to grant you a release on your Own Recognizance (O.R.), or to post bond, and in some rare occasions the Judge will not allow a person to be released. The Judge will also set conditions of O.R. or bond release, if deemed necessary. Further, the prosecutor may offer you a plea bargain for an early resolution of the case. Oftentimes, however, these “offers” are not in your best interest to accept and are not in your best interest to accept.

During the arraignment, it is highly necessary that you already have a trusted DUI attorney by your side to avoid you from pleading guilty to a charge that you may not even be guilty of in the first place. If the case is not dropped during the arraignment, then several pretrial hearings will follow which may then lead up to the actual trial. Please note that in California only approximately 5% require reaching a resolution by Trial, which is either a Jury Trial or Bench Trial (Judge is jury). The vast majority of trials are Jury Trials.

4. Trial

With an expert DUI attorney by your side, it is highly unlikely for your DUI case to reach Trial. But even if your case requires a Trial, remember that the prosecutor has to prove that you are indeed guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. And you are innocent until and unless ever proven guilty. An experienced DUI attorney is one that you can rely on as it is in his defense strategy to find reasonable doubt to prevent the prosecutor from succeeding in finding you guilty. The goal is to provide you the best chance of getting out of the case unscathed, as though the incident never occurred.

Our trusted, reliable, and experienced Attorney at DCD LAW, Kevin Moghtanei, aims to have your charges reduced or even dropped before reaching an actual trial. However, if it’s really inevitable for your case to reach an actual trial at Van Nuys court, Attorney Kevin Moghtanei and our entire team at DCD LAW are equipped and prepared to fight the battle with you and for you.

The Legal BAC Limit in Van Nuys, California

When it comes to alcohol consumption, a driver’s level of intoxication is determined through the measurement of your blood alcohol content or BAC which comes with a legal limit as defined in the California Driver Handbook. The legal BAC limit enforced in Van Nuys Courts follow the law of the State of California, which are as follows:

  • 21 years old or older – 0.08% or higher
  • Under 21 years old – 0.01% or higher
  • Under DUI probation – 0.01% or higher
  • Commercial Driver – 0.04% or higher

For those who are on DUI probation, there is a zero-tolerance policy and therefore a BAC of even 0.01% will be construed as a probation violation.

Penalties for a DUI in Van Nuys

For first-time offenders, the penalties for a DUI charge in Van Nuys can include a fine of up to $1,000, a 3-month, 6-month, or 9-month DUI school, a 4-10 month driver’s license suspension, and possible jail time for up to six months, among other terms. However, second or third offenders will have much harsher penalties as the California justice system tend to be crueler to repeat DUI offenders.

In this light, hiring a reputable DUI attorney in Van Nuys at the soonest possible time will give you the best chance of not paying a huge amount in fines, avoiding license suspension, and eliminating the possibility of jail time.

When Is a DUI Charged as a Felony in Van Nuys, California?

There are three main factors that can escalate a DUI charge from misdemeanor to felony. One is if you’re a repeat offender who has accumulated three or more DUI cases within the course of 10 years. Second is if you have been previously convicted of a felony DUI. Third is if your DUI case involves an accident that resulted in serious injury or death of another person.

In such cases, avoid sabotaging your future by teaming up with an experienced Van Nuys drunk driving lawyer or an expert DUI attorney in Van Nuys who can build a strong defense that can deliver the best possible outcome for your case.

The Consequences of a DUI Conviction

In Van Nuys and in the entire state of California, driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited as stated in Vehicle Code 23152 (a). Further, driving with a BAC of 0.08% or higher is also illegal as stated in Vehicle Code 23152 (b). Compared to other states in the country, California imposes much stricter laws for DUI offenders and you could be charged both for violation of Vehicle Code 23152 (a) and Vehicle Code 23152 (b) all at once.

The worst part is that a DUI conviction in Van Nuys will leave a stain on your DMV driving record for ten years. DUI cases are often complex, and the reason why you need access to a reliable DUI attorney who knows how to navigate the system.

Frequently Asked Questions on Van Nuys DUIs

Can you get a DUI in Van Nuys for drugs?

Yes. The DUI laws in California state that you can be charged with a DUI if you’re driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Unfortunately, you can get charged with DUI even by driving while under legal medications with legal prescriptions.

What are some examples where defenders get charged for a DUI for drugs?

  • Taking illegal drugs or controlled substances
  • Taking legal prescription medications
  • Taking over-the-counter drugs

Further, taking prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs such as muscle relaxants, cold or cough medicine, painkillers, anxiety medication, can result in a drug DUI prosecution. It is also important to note that a DUI can result even if a doctor has prescribed the drug if the medication was causing impaired driving.

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