DCD LAW Firm Can Save You from Criminal Charges in Santa Clarita

The complex legal system can send you to jail when you lack the expertise to prove your innocence. However, you are innocent until the verdict goes against you. DCD LAW and Attorney Kevin Moghtanei’s team understand the law and can take the best possible steps to defend you and prove you not guilty.

Under the leadership of Attorney Kevin Moghtanei, we have skilled and experienced criminal defense team to fight your case and restore normalcy in your life. Our Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Attorney specializes in the criminal laws of the area and can handle all criminal charges with a favorable outcome.

You can contact our legal experts for all types of criminal charges, including for a Felony or a Misdemeanor. DCD LAW will strongly present your case at a reasonable rate and fight your case fully. We know the mental anguish and trauma that a criminal case can cause, and we can assure you that we will provide the very best efforts to get defend you.

At DCD LAW, we give individual attention to each client. Our team will work from all possible angles and use the expertise to prepare a strong case for you. We have an in-house investigator who is deeply familiar with the Santa Clarita Court and Santa Clarita Valley. Since we have expertise in local law, we know the steps that can protect your interests and the things that can create complications. Our goal in every case a reduction or dismissal, with minimal or penalties or imprisonment.

When Can You Contact Our DCD LAW?

We have expertise in all criminal charges in Santa Clarita. We can assure you of the best possible presentation regardless of the crime type. Here are the few services that make us one of the most preferred law firms in Santa Clarita.

  • Drug Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Property Crimes
  • Theft Crimes
  • White Collar Crimes
  • DUI
  • Federal Crimes
  • Weapon Charges

Our skilled team can handle all these charges. We will give the best defense to avoid unnecessary penalties and jail time. We will try our best to win the case or at least reduce the severity of the charges. Our Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Attorney will get the best possible outcome depending on the crime type and severity.

What Makes Us Worth Hiring for Criminal Defense Charges

DCD LAW offers the best legal service since Attorney Kevin Moghtanei brings over 10 years of experienced and over 1000 cases handled to your legal battle. Our Attorney is extremely familiar with the Santa Clarita Courthouse, and we know how to prepare and present a successful defense. Also, we understand the courtroom setting, legal complications, and the positive and negative sides of any crime. Since we work as a team, all our team members will come together to provide the strongest defense possible. We will be with you throughout to offer the legal, mental, and other necessary support you need the most in that trying time.

Our experience in the following cases gives us an edge over our competitors.


Felonies are the most charges in California, and result in severe punishment. But we will fight to get the charges reduced or dismissed in the best possible way.


Misdemeanors are also serious criminal charges in California. Although less severe in terms of possible punishment, misdemeanors can still result in jail time, fees, and similar consequences. Our skilled team will handle your case efficiently and get favorable outcomes.

Federal Crimes

We can defend federal crimes, including SEC, FBA, and DEA charges.

We can handle all your criminal defense charges. However, you must act fast to get legal help at the earliest. Our team will start working immediately on your case and minimize the impact of any charge.

The Legal System Is Complex

The California criminal legal system is notoriously complex and punitive. Contrary to recent stories, the police are continuing to investigate and arrest individuals in Santa Clarita at extremely high rates. And you will land in trouble if you give your statement to the police without consulting your attorney. You can confess a crime under pressure. You can imagine the outcome if it happens. The prosecutors are experienced in getting quick guilty pleas. You will be unaware of the situations and questions you will face in the courtroom. However, DCD LAW will prepare you for all the challenges and we take our time to carefully review your case and find all the areas that need attention.

At DCD LAW, we give our best to protect the interest of our clients. You can visit us and discuss your concerns. The consultation will be free, and we will answer all your queries without obligation.

What Can You Expect From Us?

You can expect the best legal solutions from our team at DCD LAW. The legal process is complex, time-consuming, and stressful. We will take all these burdens, keep you updated, and make the process transparent for both of you. You can expect the following when visiting our team in Santa Clarita.

No-obligation Consultation

The consultation will be free and fully confidential. However, we will cover all the points to help you find the right direction.


We will prepare a strong case with all the evidence. We can use our investigator to canvas the crime scene, secure evidence, interview witnesses, and the Attorney will review the police evidence and behavior. Our team will note everything you have experienced during the arrest and use it in defense.


We will collect the evidence and present it to the court. We will have a strong defense for all the evidence that prosecutors will have against you.


We have connections to the best Bail Bonds companies servicing Santa Clarita Court, if necessary. But the Attorney will do the best work in getting many of our clients released without requiring posting bail.


Our team will review your case and find the best way to enter a plea, only if that is the end result desired by the client, and wherever needed.


We can only negotiate many cases with no jail time. We will also work to dismiss your case, and you can be free without negotiations.


If the case cannot be resolved during the Pretrial process, Attorney Kevin Moghtanei is up to the task of providing extremely high levels of defense at your Jury Trial or Bench Trial.

At DCD LAW, we fight hard and try to win cases early. You can talk to our team now to discuss your criminal charges. Let the professional fight and get justice for you. Our Criminal Defense Attorney can make your legal journey in Santa Clarita stress-free. Schedule a free consultation today and decide based on the outcome.

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